About Us / What the Environmental Media Association does

Linking the power of celebrity to environmental awareness, EMA believes that through television, film and music, the entertainment community can affect change in a positive way. EMA’s work is widespread, from subtle messaging on the screen to promoting sustainable lifestyle choices and educating influential people on the power of “green,” our goal is inspiring the path to a healthier planet.

EMA Awards

The annual EMA Awards is the only program singularly devoted to celebrating the entertainment industry’s creative environmental efforts. The EMA Awards honor productions, film and television personalities, corporations, musicians and musical tours that convey environmental messages in the most creative and influential ways.

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EMA Green Seal Guidelines and Awards

Whether in a production office or on-set, EMA’s Green Seal Guidelines offer realistic and simple tips for lessening your carbon footprint. The EMA Green Seal Awards acknowledge those productions and offices making environmentally conscious efforts through resource conservation, energy usage, recycling, set construction and more.

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Celebrity Role Modeling

EMA advises celebrities and entertainment professionals on thought-provoking, attention-getting ways to role model healthy, sustainable lifestyles to the general public. Whether driving a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle or carrying a canvas bag, EMA encourages celebrities to use their power to inspire environmentally responsible behavior and affect positive change.

Green Parenting

With our green parenting resource page, EMA hopes to provide you with tips and tools to help make healthier choices for you, your family, and the environment. The EMA Parent Board was formed with the mission to role model sustainable, practical and healthy lifestyle choices for families. Using celebrity and the media to educate and motive is the core of why we were founded.

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EMA Newsletter

From updates on environmental issues to profiles on green businesses to the latest green industry services, Greenlight covers those who live, work and play within the entertainment community’s dynamic eco scene.

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EMA School Gardens Program

The Environmental Media Association, LA Conservation Corps and LAUSD have an ongoing partnership to support gardens and greenery in urban schools across Los Angeles. EMA directly supports over sixteen school gardens through funding and celebrity mentoring via our Young Hollywood Board.

This program is the beginning of an ambitious plan to sponsor and support garden programs in school districts throughout the country. EMA will be working with additional schools and sponsors as we continue to grow this important program.

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Eco Salons, Seminars and Educational Briefings

Whether we’re hosting, in attendance as an expert speaker, or collaborating with scientific experts in the field, if the event combines eco and entertainment, EMA is there.

Greening Plotlines and Characters

From running an environmentally conscious production, to living an eco lifestyle everyday, to the definitive online guide to ‘greening’ television and movie plotlines, EMA delivers experience-based tips and tools on all things eco within the entertainment community and beyond. EMA meets one on one to assist creative teams in their delivery of environmental themes.

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Corporate World

EMA has been at the forefront in working closely with the corporate world to move the environmental agenda forward. By supporting companies that incorporate environmental business practices and offer sustainable products, we not only put a spotlight on their products, but also encourage their competitors to follow suit. EMA’s credo: We can all change the world through shopping!

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