Upcycling: Turn T-Shirts Into Stylish Reusable Bags

Reusable shopping bags are a must-have item in every greenie’s closet. Do you have a favorite in yours? Why not make one of your own?

More Design Please has a very easy tutorial on how to turn an old t-shirt that you’ve been storing in the bottom of a drawer since college into a stylish and environmentally friendly accessory. Continue reading

Upcycling: Turn an Old TV Set Into a Stylish Mid-Century Bar

What once would have been tossed out to the land of no-longer-working electronics can now be upcycled into a stylish Mid-Century bar. You can find these old TV sets anywhere from your grandparents’ garage to antique stores to yard sales. Because their technology is outdated, they should be relatively inexpensive. Continue reading

Upcycling: Turn an Old TV Into a Dog Bed

Remember those giant TV sets at your grandparents’ house – the ones with bunny ears and about three working channels? Unfortunately, those old TVs are of little use in the modern tech savvy world. They may not work well as televisions today, but they can easily be made into stylish pet beds!

Reminds us of another great pet bed project.

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