ELLE International Chats with Emmanuelle Chriqui for World Environment Day

ELLE International recently interviewed EMA Young Hollywood Board Member, Emmanuelle Chriqui on her involvement with EMA for World Environment Day.

elle finlandWhen and how did you become engaged with the Environmental Media Association (EMA)?

I have been working with EMA for almost four years. Protecting the environment has always been a passion of mine, and I had lunch with Debbie Levin, EMA’s president, and I was excited by her passion for the cause, and it seemed like a natural fit for me.

What is it’s goal and mission?

The Environmental Media Association harnesses the power of the media to educate and inspire people about environmental issues. It was founded to showcase environmental messaging in television and movies, but we also focus on social media, online content and all the other avenues people get their information.

What is the environmental cause closest to your heart and how do you contribute to it?

I’ve been really inspired by EMA’s school garden program and helping to support gardens in urban areas. Gardens have such an impact on students, whether they are six or sixteen. It teaches them about science and math, inspires them to make healthier eating choices and even improves their grades. I am a mentor at one of the gardens in Los Angeles, and the kids are just incredible. Continue reading

Emmanuelle Chriqui Takes on Hollywood’s Trash

Great interview with EMA Young Hollywood Board Member, Emmanuelle Chriqui! Originally posted by Sierra Club.

emmanuelle-gardenAs Sloan, she played the love interest on HBO’s rabidly popular Entourage, and now she portrays Lorelei on The Mentalist. In her free time, actress Emmanuelle Chriqui is an environmental activist: She helps plant school gardens in low-income neighborhoods, takes life-changing trips to places like Africa, and, since 2007, has been a Young Hollywood Board Member for the Environmental Media Association, which promotes eco-efforts in the entertainment industry. Read on to find out how her path toward greenness was paved with persistent throat infections and homemade apple tarts.

What made you get involved with the Environmental Media Association?

Years ago, I was shopping for a new car and was excited about the Prius. Someone put me in touch with Debbie Levin, the president of EMA. We hit it off famously. She saw my inclination toward living a natural life and asked if I’d be interested in joining. I’d already started doing stuff that was important to me on my own, but the association is amazing because it uses the media to create awareness. I was coming off Entourage, and there was sort of a lot of heat at that time, so I thought I could add something. I’ve been working with them ever since.

What was it like to host their 2011 awards ceremony?

Just a ton of fun. And so amazing to see what a movement has been created—that there’s really a consciousness rising. It was nice to honor all those people who want to be green on their productions. It’s such a cool event, and the fair after is amazing.

There’s a fair after?

Yeah. Maybe “fair” isn’t the right word, but there are food stands and products and all this stuff that’s natural and organic. It just grows and grows every year.

You mentioned Debbie Levin, but who else in the organization has inspired you?

Amy Smart. She’s a full-on environmental activist. Some people just have a passion to spread the word, and she’s one of them.

What were those green things you were already doing on your own? Continue reading

Garden Visit to Cochran Middle School

On a beautiful spring day, garden mentors Emmanuelle Chriqui, Amy Smart, and Carter Oosterhouse dropped in for a visit to the Cochran Middle School Garden.


The garden was built in late 2011 and is sponsored by EMA and Tiffany & Co. and supported by the LA Conservation Corps. The garden was recently harvested so Amy, Carter, Emmanuelle and the student gardeners spent the afternoon replanting some herbs and inspecting the plants (like watermelon and tomatoes) that should start to bloom in the next few months.



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Emmanuelle Chriqui Visits Her School Garden

EMA Young Hollywood Board Member, Emmanuelle Chriqui visited Carson Senior High School yesterday to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony for their new windmill (the first at a LAUSD school) and to do some additional planting in the garden she’s been mentoring for several years.

The one-acre garden boasts peach, apple, plum, nectarine, and banana trees alongside vegetables and herbs. The garden acts as a learning environment for students in all grade and skill levels. It provides lessons not only in healthy eating, but has helped low ability students with cognitive and social skills. Several students with autism have improved their social and anger management skills thanks to the calming aromas of the herb garden. Continue reading