Linkin Park Launching Eco-Themed Facebook Game

LinkinParkOn September 12, Linkin Park will launch LP RECHARGE, a Facebook-based game that will bring attention to environmental issues.

Linkin Park is responsible for the game’s soundtrack (which will be music to the ears of their 55 million plus Facebook fans) with gaming giant Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment designing the eco-themed gaming adventures.

LP RECHARGE is set in the not-too-distant future where humans have depleted all natural resources on the planet and what little energy stores remain have been seized by machines and an elite minority. Players join cooperatively to battle their captors and recharge the world with clean energy.

Check out the trailer for LP RECHARGE below.

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Eco Beauty Tip: Revive Skin & Hair from Overexposure to the Elements

fruitThe following natural beauty tips come from Jamal Hamadi of Hamadi Organics.

Has summer left your skin and hair feeling a bit dry, dehydrated and unbalanced? The good news is, you probably have what you need in your kitchen to nourish your skin and hair back to health. Whether applying directly to skin or eating as a healthy snack, these fruits will help replenish your glow.

For skin rejuvenation bananas and mangoes are fantastic. Bananas are packed with vitamins B and C and are a rich source of potassium, which helps restore skin to its youthful state. Mangoes are filled with Vitamins A and C which are key in restoring skin’s natural glow and suppleness. Studies have shown that Vitamin A can reduce environmental damage which can lead to premature aging.

Simply smash the fruit into a pulp and apply directly to your skin.

For skin toning, your go-to ingredients are apples and papayas. Apples help tighten skin and stimulate blood circulation. They also have antioxidant properties and are high in vitamins: C, E, A, and K all of which are essential for toning skin. The nutrients in apples help maintain the pH level of the skin which reduces acne and keeps skin hydrated — all while providing a gorgeous glow. Continue reading

Ian Somerhalder Wants to Brighten Your Day

ian-sEnvironmental activist and EMA Futures Award Honoree Ian Somerhalder would like to brighten your day with an utlra eco-friendly, long lasting new lightbulb. Somerhalder has partnered with CREE, to promote their newest LED fixture.

Somerhalder talked to the Huffington Post about the bulb and his involvement with CREE.

“They use the saying, which is kind of awesome, ‘the coolest invention since the light bulb.,’ And you know what? It is, man! It uses 84 percent less energy, and Thomas Edison always said something to the effect of, “do it more or do it better.” I mean, it gives a 10 year warranty on a light bulb! 25,000 hours! It’s amazing what they’ve accomplished, so that’s why I’m really excited about this partnership. I really believe in these guys and I’m very fortunate.” Continue reading

Which is Better for the Environment – Washing by Hand or The Dishwasher?

The age old question brought up by many a reluctant teenager griping about having to do their chores finally has a definitive answer.

A study done by the University of Bonn in Germany found that washing a load of dishes (12 place settings) by hand uses on average 27 gallons of water and 2.5 kilowatt-hours of energy to heat the water — equivalent to running a hair dryer for two and a half hours.

By comparison, an energy-efficient dishwasher uses about 4 gallons of water and 1 kWh of energy per load. Researchers also found that dishwashers cleaned better, as half of the hand-washers failed to reach an “acceptable level” of cleanliness. So yes, the dishwasher is the more eco-friendly way to do the dishes. Teenagers worldwide rejoice.

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Constance Zimmer’s Simple Tips for a Green Home & Family

EMA Parent Board Chair, Constance Zimmer shares her favorite (simple) tips for greening your home and family.

There are many simple ways to make green, healthy choices for yourself, your family, and the environment. These are a few of my favorites that I practice at home with my family.

  • Bring your own bags everywhere and use them for everything, not just groceries. Shove them into your purse, your car, your bike basket, etc. BAGGU makes amazing foldable, smashable bags to keep with you at all times.
  • Buy organic whenever you can. Farmer’s markets are the cheapest, most sustainable way to buy organic and local. Trader Joe’s is a good inexpensive alternative if there’s not a farmer’s market near you.
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper at home. It’s also a great touch for a lunchbox.
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle.
  • Buy products that use recycled materials.
  • Buy craft books that inspire and teach how to use materials/things you have in your home to make new unique toys and gifts. This is a great activity to do with your kids as well.

My daughter, Coco, has found a wonderful amount of joy in giving some of her friends an old toy that she has loved but grown out of, so it becomes a gift from the heart and a great toy for someone else. An old Elmo doll that has been loved and has her smells on it becomes a new baby’s favorite snuggly toy. Continue reading