Climate Change Soon to Affect More Than Half of All Plants & A Third of All Animals

climate-changeScientists from Britain, Australia and Colombia recently announced that the habitats of many common plants and animals will shrink dramatically this century unless governments act quickly to cut rising greenhouse gas emissions.

After studying 50,000 species throughout the world, the scientists came to the conclusion that about 57 percent of plants and 34 percent of animal species were likely to lose more than half the area with a climate suited to them by the 2080s if nothing was done to limit emissions from power plants, factories and vehicles.

“Climate change will greatly reduce biodiversity, even for many common animals and plants,” lead author Rachel Warren of the University of East Anglia in England said. The decline would damage natural services for humans such as water purification and pollination, she said. Continue reading

Could Feeding Cows Garlic Reduce Greenhouse Emissions?

What’s worse – garlic cow breath or cow toots? Scientists in the UK have discovered that feeding cows a mixture of garlic and oats could reduce their greenhouse emissions by as much as 25%. Anyone up for some garlic milk?

Through their burps and, er, toots, farm animals produce 4% of the world’s total greenhouse emissions. Their new diet could cut that number down to 3%.

A team of researchers tested out different diets while measuring the amount of gas being emitted from the animals. They discovered the emissions could be reduced through a combination of different food, special rations and additives. Continue reading