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Past Issue Archive

Fall 2013 | In This Issue:

  • 23rd Annual EMA Awards Wrap Up
  • Highlights from the Big Night
  • 23rd Annual EMA Awards Winners
  • 23rd Annual EMA Awards Honorees
  • 23rd Annual EMA Awards Sponsors
  • Gala Event Restaurants
  • Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines
  • Chemicals Used in Fracking May Be a Mystery Even to Drilling Companies
  • Daryl Hannah’s Thoughts on How to Curb Climate Change

july quick hits

Quick Hits July 2013 | In This Issue:

  • Key Points from Obama’s Climate Change Speech
  • LA Becomes the Largest City in the Country to Ban Plastic Bags
  • Taking a Stand Against a Pipeline in Her Own Backyard
  • Higher Rates of Methane Contamination Found in Water of Homes Near Fracking Sites
  • Summer Reading for the Climate Crowd


Spring 2013 | In This Issue:

  • Call for Entries
  • EMA, Ed Begley Jr. and Marty Kaplan Visit Lance Bass’s Dirty Pop Radio Show
  • Updated EMA Green Seal
  • The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
  • Chasing Ice Screening
  • Parent Salon
  • Lance Bass Donates to EMA School Gardens Through His Famous Yard Sale
  • Garden Visits!
  • Digestive Machine Turns Uneaten Food Into Energy
  • New Mexico County Becomes First in the Nation to Ban Fracking

Fall 2012 | In This Issue:

  • 22nd Annual EMA Awards Wrap Up
  • Highlights from the Big Night
  • 22nd Annual EMA Awards Winners
  • 22nd Annual EMA Awards Honorees
  • 22nd Annual EMA Awards Sponsors
  • Gala Event Menu
  • Three Reasons to Label Genetically Engineered Food
  • Malin Akerman & EMA Host Benefit for Opportunity International


Quick Hits September 2012 | In This Issue:

  • 2012 EMA Awards Honorees
  • 2012 EMA Awards Nominees
  • EMA Awards Online Auction
  • David Wild, Phil Rosenthal To Pen 2012 Environmental Media Awards
  • Southern California’s Top 100 Events – EMA Awards Are #8!
  • New Fuel Efficiency Standards: 54 mpg By 2025
  • Massachusetts Town Becomes First in the US to Ban the Sale of Plastic Water Bottles


Quick Hits August 2012 | In This Issue:

  • This is What Global Warming Looks Like in 2012 – And What You Can Do About It
  • The California Right-to-Know GMO Ballot Initiative Gets Its Official Prop Number
  • SAG Upholds Commitment to Sustainability with Online-Only Submissions for Award
  • Reasons to Buy Antibiotic-free Meat and Poultry
  • CGC & EMA Honor Simi Valley for Sustainable Achievements


Quick Hits July 2012 | In This Issue:

  • 3rd Annual EMA School Luncheon
  • 10 Greenest Cities on Earth
  • Recipe: Baja Ceviche Tostada
  • Will We Use More of Something if We Have the Option to Recycle it Afterwards?
  • Eco-Vocab: Food Miles

Spring 2012 | In This Issue:

  • Study Finds That Films Can Have a Measurable Impact on Audience Behavior
  • Hot Button Issues
  • EMA School Gardens Are Thriving!
  • EMA Presents The Green Awards
  • LA Conservation Corps Works with EMA to Build School Gardens
  • 10 Honestly Easy Things You Can Do on Earthday (and Every Day!) – by the EMA Young Hollywood Board
  • Americans Finally Starting to Believe That Global Warming is the Reason for Extreme Weather
  • California Green Communities
  • EMA, Malin Akerman & Brita FilterForGood Team Up at Sundance
  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle – And 1 You Can’t

Winter 2011-2012 | In This Issue:

  • EMA 2011 Highlights
  • 21st Annual Awards Winners
  • 21st Annual EMA Awards
  • EMA Presents The Green Awards
  • 21st Annual EMA Awards Honorees
  • 21st Annual EMA Awards Menu
  • LAcarGUY Sponsors EMA School Garden Project
  • CA Green Government Roundup 2011
  • Theodore Is Dying Green 101 Guide
  • Montage Beverly Hills Celebrates

Fall 2011 | In This Issue:

  • 21st Annual Environmental Media Awards
  • 21st Annual Environmental Media Awards Nominees
  • EMA Celebrates The 2nd Annual School Gardens Luncheon
  • EMA Presents The Green Awards
  • EMA Collaborates to Uplift a Community
  • Introducing Fox Fast
  • CA Plastic Bag Ban Update
  • The History of the Hollywood Sign
  • Theodore Is Dying Green 101 Guide
  • New Online Search Service Raises Money for EMA!

Spring 2011 | In This Issue:

  • EMA & Brita Celebrate the Sundance Film Festival
  • The Green Carpet Challenge!
  • EMA & the EPA
  • Toyota Expands Its Prius Line!
  • HGTV Green Home Giveaway 2011
  • Collective Roots and EMA
  • Philadelphia Eagles Go Even Greener!
  • State Wide Bag Ban
  • ReSurf Recycling
  • New Online Search Service Raises Money for EMA!
  • The Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Impacts in the U.S.
  • Environment Plays a Starring Role in Studio Initiatives

Winter 2010-2011 | In This Issue:

  • EMA 2010 Highlights
  • 20th Annual Awards Winners
  • 20th Annual EMA Awards
  • 20th Annual EMA Awards Honorees
  • 20th Annual EMA Awards Menu
  • EMA Green Holiday Guide
  • Stila Cosmetics & Sustainability
  • Green Government Roundup 2010
  • Janet Roberts Art Exhibit

Fall 2010 | In This Issue:

  • 20th Annual Environmental Media Awards
  • Nominees
  • 20th Annual EMA Awards – Silent Auction Preview
  • HOV Access Program Extended!
  • Iron Horse 2005 Ocean Reserve to Make Waves at the EMA Awards

Summer 2010 | In This Issue:

  • 20th Annual Environmental Media Awards
  • The EMA Young Hollywood Board Celebrates First Year of School Garden Program
  • EMA Aligns With Janet Roberts For Holiday Art Show
  • Tiato Market Garden Café
  • 10 Cities. 10 Challenges. An Infinite Number of Ways to Help the Environment.
  • What’s Inside Your Bed?
  • Grades of Green Is Inspiring and Empowering Kids Nationwide to Protect the Environment!
  • ACE — Firing Up High School Students about Climate Change
  • Community Garden to Be Built in Hollywood
  • Recycle Your Set with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore!

Spring 2010 | In This Issue:

  • EMA Young Hollywood Board Supports School Garden Program, along with Yes To Carrots and Kellogg Garden Products!
  • CASAA Program at Venice High School
  • Skillet Chilaquiles
  • The Film and Entertainment Recycling Initiative
  • Hot, Rich and Green!
  • Jamie Oliver and TED
  • Get Green at an Early Age
  • Major Movie Studios Avoid a Load of Rubbish
  • Whole Children, Whole Planet Expo

Winter 2009-2010 | In This Issue:

  • EMA 2009 Highlights
  • 19th Annual Awards Winners
  • 19th Annual EMA Awards
  • 19th Annual EMA Awards Honorees
  • EMA Green Holiday Tips
  • It’s A Wonderful Life – for Compost and Mulch and Kellogg
  • Hogs Lies and Red Tape
  • Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie
  • Spicy Tuna and Green Papaya Tacos