Green Parenting

Green Parenting

“Becoming a parent is life-changing and brings into focus the priority of healthy choices and the responsibility of the environmental sustainability of our planet.” – EMA president Debbie Levin

With our green parenting resource page, we hope to provide you with tips and tools to help make healthier choices for you, your family, and the environment.

The EMA Parent Board was formed with the mission to role model sustainable, practical and healthy lifestyle choices for families. Using celebrity and the media to educate and motive is the core of why we were founded.

Our favorite go-to green parenting websites:

Healthy Child Healthy World
Mommy Greenest
The Honest Company
Environmental Working Group
Conscientious Confusion
Eco Child’s Play
Green and Clean Mom
Mighty Nest
The Green Mom Review
Happy Hippie
Citrus Lane

Helpful tips:

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