Boards / Board of Directors

Ed Begley, Jr. (Follow on Twitter)
Hart Bochner
Vanessa Coffey
Beth Colleton
Jon Corcoran
Blythe Danner
Frances Fisher (Follow on Twitter)
Denise and Dave Fleming
Bill Gerber
Sara Gilbert
Ray Halbritter
Daryl Hannah (Follow on Twitter)
Suzanne Kolb
Rachel Kropa (Follow on Twitter)
Wendie Malick (Follow on Twitter)
David Margulies
Michael Martin
Leanne Meyers
Kevin Reilly
Carla Shamberg
Cherie Simon
Jeff Skoll (Follow on Twitter)
Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse (Amy: Follow on Twitter; Carter: Follow on Twitter)
Jeffrey Tambor (Follow on Twitter)
Jessica Thomas
Ted Turner
Wilmer Valderrama (Follow on Twitter)
Susan Harris and Paul Junger Witt

Executive Board Officers:

Bill Gerber – Chair
Hart Bochner – Vice Chair
David Margulies – Treasurer
Leanne Meyers – Secretary


Cindy and Alan Horn
Lyn and Norman Lear