Seed Bombs ‘Blow Up’ Unsightly Areas

This just might be the one time ‘dropping bombs’ is a good thing. Guerrilla gardeners are beautifying urban areas with desolate landscapes by dropping bombs on them. Seed bombs that is. A seed bomb (or flower grenade) is made up of compressed clay filled with seeds and other nutrients that are rolled up into a little ball.

The ball, or bomb, is then thrown into neighborhood areas that could use some sprucing up like empty lots, parking medians, and random sidewalk spaces. The bomb eventually ‘blows up’ into a patch of flowers or native plants – or herbs – or vegetables – or whatever, depending on what kinds of seeds are in the bomb.

According to Wikipedia, seed bombs were popular in urban areas back in the 70s and were used as part of the ‘guerrilla gardening‘ movement. Back then, the seeds were made from condoms filled with local wildflower seeds, water and fertilizer. Condoms?!

Seed bombs have become popular once again thanks to the likes of social media platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram where people can post pics of their bombing sites and share with others.

Click here to learn how to make your own seed bomb – or here and also here to buy some already made.

Photo credit: VisualLingual

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