Toyota Prius is Top Selling Car in CA

Toyota-Prius-California-September-2012According to the Los Angeles Times article the Honda Civic’s two-year reign is over; the Prius is now King in California. Even though the Ford F-series is still America’s favorite vehicle, eco-conscious Cali is driving the Toyota Prius more than any other car.

The margin between California and the rest of the country is still rather large; the Prius didn’t even make it into the top 10 cars Americans drive. Perhaps a large reason that Californians prefer the various Prius models, and have a disdain for trucks, has something to do with long commutes and rising gas prices. Whether the preference is due to environmental reasons or just practical ones, we are still proud of this data.

“Toyota sells four versions of the hybrid. The hatchback is the biggest seller. The other versions are a plug-in hatchback, a Prius C mini-car and the Prius V station wagon. Overall, auto sales — including fleet sales — rose 25% in California last year, almost double the national growth rate of 13.4%, according to the state dealer group.”

Nice going Californians, perhaps the rest of the country will catch on soon enough.

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