3rd Annual EMA School Garden Luncheon

Carson High School hosted EMA’s 3rd Annual School Garden Luncheon on Wednesday in their beautiful and lush garden. EMA Young Hollywood Board Members Ginnifer Goodwin, Amy Smart, Carter Oosterhouse, Francesca Eastwood, Beau Garrett, Constance Zimmer, and Lance Bass were all in attendance. The Young Hollywood Board acts as garden mentors and have visited several school gardens throughout the year.

Food that was grown by students in different EMA sponsored school gardens throughout Los Angeles was collected and then prepared by chef Mary Sue Milliken and her Border Grill team. The menu included a garden bean salad, Baja ceviche tostadas (made with sustainably caught fish), roasted fennel pibil, red rice, and homemade guacamole. It was a truly delicious (and healthy!) feast.

Carson High School’s garden is truly a sight to be seen. They grow everything from fruit trees to herbs to vegetables and even raise chickens, geese, and turkeys.

Constance Zimmer, Lance Bass, and Ginnifer Goodwin toured the garden together and got their hands dirty.

Student gardeners from 186th Street School joined in the festivities and had an exciting reunion with their garden mentor, Lance Bass.

EMA’s 3rd Annual School Garden Luncheon celebrated the success of EMA’s 16 school gardens. It was a beautiful afternoon filled with great food and lots of love and support.

Click here to see more photos!

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