Stila’s Newest Shade of Green

Our long-time sponsor, Stila, has made great strides to be an eco-conscious cosmetic company. Most recently, in a collaboration with E! Live from the Red Carpet™, Stila created the first solar powered compact – the Solar Illuminated Refillable Compact and Powder Duo.

How does it work? Simply place the compact in the sunlight (indirect sunlight works as well) to charge. A little green star lets you know when the charge is ready and the mirror then lights up for ideal makeup application. The compact can be recharged around 900 times – that’s around five year’s worth of reuse.

The compact can is refillable, therefore, contributing to waste reduction. The compact’s shell is made from recycled plastic and the packaging (100% recyclable, naturally) is produced locally, reducing its carbon footprint.

Stila is a great role model for the cosmetic industry and their ongoing work in making eco-consciousness fashionable will hopefully encourage others in the industry to make sustainable makeup products a norm, rather than the exception.

Click here to learn more about Stila for E! Live from the Red Carpet™ Solar Illuminated Refillable Compact and Powder Duo.

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