Lance Bass Visits 186th Street Elementary School Garden

It was quite a morning at 186th Street Elementary School. The red carpet was rolled out for Lance Bass, who visited the school as a garden mentor.

Principal Marcia Reed proudly toured Lance around the gorgeous school grounds,  stopping for photos with excited students and staff.

Part of the tour included a quick stop in to the auditorium where students engaged in school cheers and songs. Lance was called in to be part of the action where he joined in with cheers and chants and a few choice dance moves.

Then it was on to the gardens which were plentiful and in full bloom. Some student gardeners from the environmental club helped Lance plant a rose bush.

Next up, the kids and Lance picked some fresh lettuce they had grown in the garden.

Finally, all of the day’s harvest was brought together and cut up for a giant salad.

The salad was delicious. The day couldn’t have been more inspiring or adorable, and a fun time was had by all!

Click here to see more photos from the garden event.

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