Eco-Vocab: Permaculture

Permaculture: Short for permanent agriculture. The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

A concept which involves examining and following nature’s patterns. Permaculture advocates designing human systems that are based on natural ecosystems.

Permaculture can exist in everything from a basic garden to housing designs to city systems. A permaculture garden, if designed correctly (that is, mimicking nature) should be self-sustainable. breaks down what a permaculture garden would entail in easy to understand terms:

Think about it, nobody digs and sows, plants and weeds, or sprays bugs in a forest. Still, all those chores are taken care of somehow. The forest grows and feeds its inhabitants, doesn’t it?

If any task in your garden is an unpleasant chore then there is definitely a better way to do it or to eliminate it. Learn from nature. Nature has already developed a solution to every problem that you could possibly encounter in your garden.

Conservation, careful energy accounting, reducing waste, using “green” resources, recycling, but also a healthy lifestyle, pure and fresh food, clean water and a clean environment to live in… It’s all part of permaculture, either as part of the design or as a result of the design.

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