Lenny Kravitz Teams Up With UNICEF to Spread the Word About Access to Clean Water

Grammy Award winner and The Hunger Games co-star Lenny Kravitz is joining UNICEF to raise awareness about the importance of clean water and adequate sanitation and hopes to spread that message through the power of social media.

Kravitz will participate in several public service announcements with the hope that they go viral on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

“Water is the essence of life. It all begins with water. And at the very least, everybody in the world should have access to clean water. To be able to drink, to be able to clean themselves, have proper hygiene,” Kravitz said of his support for the campaign.

In an effort to draw attention to our own accessibility to clean water in contrast to the nearly 900 million people worldwide that lack access to safe drinking water, UNICEF’s Tap Project and Kravitz are asking for a  $1 donation for every glass of tap water you drink from March 19 – 25 during World Water Week.

Since 1990, UNICEF has helped more than 2 billion people gain access to improved drinking water sources and 1.8 billion people have gained access to improved sanitation facilities.

Click here to learn more.

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