EMA School Gardens Program at Marvin Ave. Elementary School

What could be more exciting to a young student than broccoli, radishes and cilantro? You may scoff but school gardens are the new Trapper Keeper at Marvin Avenue Elementary. EMA’s School Garden Program has added three new schools to its repertoire with Marvin Avenue Elementary, Queen Anne Elementary and Cochran Middle School – all located in low-socio economic neighborhoods in Los Angeles – and all sponsored by Tiffany & Co.

The objective of the program is to teach students about organic, local food by educating them on nutrition and the environmental benefits of growing your own veggies and herbs. And who better to represent the benefits of growing herbs than Mary Louise Parker of Weeds. Parker is one of the celebrity mentors affiliated with the program, and recently spent a morning with the students at Marvin learning about their new garden and planting seedlings with them.

Aligned with EMA’s mission to promote sustainable lifestyles through the power of the entertainment industry, we bring together celebrities, who act as garden mentors, and students to get them pumped on organic gardens. While the younger kids may not fully comprehend the environmental impact of planting and harvesting food on their own, we bet you didn’t realize that school gardens also increase GPAs, test scores and help keep kids out of trouble. Plus, the students have the option of adding their own fresh salsa to their otherwise bland lunch and appreciate that they not only made the salsa, but they grew the tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos all by themselves. You can’t buy that kind of education, but if you do – please buy organic!

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